Growing up in a traditional family I was used to eating many fresh home cooked meals, although at times, processed foods did take some part in our lives. We tended not to rely on medicine for wellness, rather, healthy eating and activity. For the most part, I come from a very large family with little history of illnesses. In 2002 my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer then passed a couple of years later, and in 2008 my paternal aunt, who was a renowned vibrant Mariachi singer, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed eight months later. I soon realized my genetic disposition to cancer was far greater than I thought. Coming to this realization propelled me to take a better look at my eating habits and overall lifestyle.

In 2005 I became a certified massage therapist and opened my eyes to the health and wellness industry. For a few years I ventured into the world of diverse massage therapies such as deep tissue, thai, sports, aroma touch, hot stone therapy, as well as a variety of body treatments. During this time I had done many cleanses as well as colonics treatments for health and wellness purposes.

yesenia2_March2016As I became more experienced with colonics my interest became much deeper. My personal experience with various cleansing techniques and addressing nutritional deficiencies was life changing, thus creating a passion for educating others about holistic wellness, nutrition, and the importance of cleansing. As a result of my personal journey and research in alternative methods to deal with my own health issues, I achieved such tremendous benefits from colon hydrotherapy that I knew this was the healing modality I wanted to share with others.

In 2010 I enrolled at the Internal Environment Institute to take a basic course in colon hydrotherapy within that year I went back to get certified on an intermediate level. That same year, I also became an Esthetician doing skincare and makeup consulting. Since then I’ve been privileged enough to practice these therapies at some of the most high end hotels and resorts. I have broadened my spectrum of expertise because of my continued education and experience. For the last two years I’ve been doing colon cleanses consistently at The Springs in Desert Hot Springs. I’ve seen many guests experience cleanses and achieve amazing results.

yesenia_March2016Working in the Health and Wellness industry as an esthetician, massage therapist and colon hydro-therapist for a combination of 10 years also exposed me to a more holistic natural lifestyle. Witnessing both my grandmother and aunt lose their battle with cancer opened my eyes to what I want for my son’s health as well as my own.

I have come to understand the importance of detoxifying the body and how toxic even the most simple life choices can be to our overall health. The anatomy and physiology of our bodies became much more alive to me and as I learned how our digestive system works this knowledge led to the creation of the Vida Cleanse.