AprilWilliamsReiki I and II, Eden Energy Certified Advanced Practitioner.

April Williams has been an entrepreneur working with children and their families for 30 years.  She has always been sensitive to energy, whether the energy of a room full of people or of a single person.

April became interested in energy medicine when her youngest child became ill. For nearly three years, doctors were unable to figure out what was going on with her teenage son. They could establish that he had a compromised immune system but were unable to find the cause. Medications seemed only to add to the problem.  A family member who had experienced a profound health transformation with the use of energy medicine recommended a practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine.

What is Eden Energy Medicine? It is an integrated system for assessing and correcting imbalances in subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit. These energies include the energy pathways known as meridians, the energy centers known as chakras, and the energy enveloping the body known as the aura. Once energies are brought into balance, the natural healing process takes place. For more information, see www.DonnaEden.com.

From his very first visit with the practitioner, the shift in the health of April’s son was remarkable and immediate. Amazingly, there were no adverse reactions.  Moreover, for a young man who was so tired of feeling sick and out of control, Eden Energy Medicine empowered him to take part in his own health and well-being. For April as a parent, the transition was a Godsend.

With what April learned from her son’s practitioner, her education in energy medicine began. She studied on her own; then by attending seminars; then she completed four years of formal training to become a certified advanced practitioner. She has over 500 hours of training and will continue studying other modalities as a life long endeavor. She believes in the work and is always amazed by it.

April loves Eden Energy Medicine because it introduces, teaches, and involves people with their own energy systems. April teaches clients to take an active part in their own unique energy system by sharing protocols to enhance their body’s natural healing capabilities. Every person can benefit from working with his or her subtle energies to bring balance whether for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. With balance we can be our very best. It truly is the medicine of one.

April feels it is an honor to do this work. She personally became more balanced using Eden Energy Medicine techniques.

After all, “Energy is all there is.” — Albert Einstein