Matt and Julia Briest, also known as the Compassion Sound Healers, artists and massage therapists.  They have been in the healing arts since 2011 spreading pure heart love vibrations with the magic of their quartz crystal singing bowl meditations and workshops.
They’ve recorded a album “Chakra Balance Meditation with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls” in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Today they are selling their album in the USA and internationally and on 30+ on-line music sites.

Matt and Julia Briest

Julia Briest decided to leave her corporate job and learn about the body by attending massage school. From 2010-2011 Julia furthered her studies in grief and sound therapy from Lyn Prashant, the owner of Degriefing Counceling and Education (now called Intergrative Grief Therapy) in San Fransisco, CA.  Julia has completed 96 hours of training that included individual and group grief training, grief for yoga, grief for massage, chakra balancing, tuning fork therapy and Tibetan metal bowl therapy to name a few.  Lyn’s classes taught Julia how to move trauma and emotion in the body with the use of sound and vibration.  Julia continues to use sound therapy with her grief coaching clients on and off the massage table.

Julia trained her husband Matt and together they began sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls at their wellness center, Compassion Wellness Center in Clawson, Michigan.  Matt and Julia, as the Compassion Sound Healers, created their signature experience and album “Chakra Balance Meditation with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls” touring the USA with their meditations.  Matt and Julia created their own classes at the largest nationally accredited massage school in the state of Michigan, Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan called “Transforming Grief” and “Sound and Vibration Healing”.

Today, Matt and Julia reside in southern California and continue to provide therapeutic massage, classes, workshops, and sound meditations (in and out of the healing mineral waters) in Desert Hot Springs, CA.

The Spring Sound Bath

Chakra Balance

• A unique transformative sound therapy meditation
• Participants soak in the hot mineral springs while receiving a sound bath
• Beginning with a guided meditation though the chakra energy centers and pure tones
• Ending in a sound bath using quartz crystal singing bowls and singing pyramids, metal singing bowls and other healing tones
• The tones take listeners from the Sympathetic Nervous System called “Fight or Flight” to the Parasympathetic Nervous System “Rest and Digest”
• Listeners brain waves entrain with the tones to an alpha state of mind where mediation and healing occur
• Listeners leave feeling more relaxed, connected to self and awakened to their potential