Join us to jump start a new way of living and thinking for yourself. Join us to clean out your body! Whether you want to lose weight, rejuvenate, change a bad habit, detox your body or tune up – my retreats are just what you need to get started! Bring a friend, daughter or sister and enjoy time away in a healthy environment! Each retreat includes healthy, guided fasting, nourishing raw organic juices, hands-on classes, yoga, meditation, and rest & rejuvenation and not to mention a new you!

Empower yourself and achieve your personal health goals. Get a fresh start, change unhealthy habits, improve your energy, jump start your metabolism, lose unwanted pounds and improve your overall health and appearance. You will find one of our retreats to be exactly what you need to achieve these goals. You will be completely revitalized at my juice fasting retreat!

I can help you on your journey to transform your body, mind and spirit. You will achieve real, long lasting results, shifting your relationship to whole foods and good nutrition. My experience in working with hundreds of clients over the years is that providing the right tools via education and new experiences with whole foods helps facilitate moving to the next level on your journey to wellness – no matter where your begin!

I will provide you with the practical tools you need to become empowered in your relationship with food and the way you eat forever!

My program consists of a balance of education, guidance and emotional / spiritual support! I will be your support and your guiding light on the journey to better well-being. You will feel better, look better and will have a more empowered outlook on life! During the cleansing retreat, attention is given to your mind, body and spirit. Mind: learn about organic foods, the power of juicing, your relationship with food and early messages about eating; explore your eating habits, meditate, hear your thoughts, get in touch with your mind, stimulate your mind by what you take in and what you let out. Body: learn how the body works, how we can help it or harm it, where our body pain is stored; exercise, give it massage, reflexology, energy healing, get in touch with your body, learn the connection between your mind and your body, sweat, relax, let the tension go, sleep. Spirit: The Spirit is everywhere; experience the healing energy of natural mineral hot springs on the grounds as you journey, becoming aware of the “Aha” moments; be present to yourself through guided imagery meditations, nurture your own unique spiritual connection. And finally, leave the retreat with a sense of clarity, self-discipline, feel proud of your accomplishments and proud of the new you!

Why Cleanse?