Cleanse and Detox? What do they mean?

green_cleanse-e1392253582622Cleansing is the natural process of eliminating toxins and waste from your body. In particular, toxic waste that has accumulated and is impacted in the large intestine. Detoxification is the powerful natural process that removes waste from your cells, organs and blood but when our bodies become so bogged down and toxic, we are no longer able to effectively detox naturally. When you do a comprehensive cleanse that includes thorough colonic irrigation, you jumpstart the natural detox process in your body. The 5 days you spend with me at the Vida Cleanse in Desert Hot Springs can change your life. Only your body can detox your body! At my 6 day 5 night Vida Cleanse, you will experience a complete cleanse. You will lose weight and kick start your body to begin the powerful detox changes within your body and you will gain all the tools you need to keep your body’s detox process healthy and strong after you leave.

At my Vida Cleanse fast retreat, you will be guided and supported so that eliminating solid food for 5 days will be easy. You will consume nourishing liquids, juice, teas and supplements. You will also cleanse your body with colonics. You will lose weight, experience a new found clarity and you will have the tools to change your life. When you leave my Vida Cleanse cleansing / detox spa retreat, you will be well on your way in the detox process. You will learn how to keep weight off and will have the emotional clarity and motivation to stay healthy!

2013-09-27-4Vida Cleanse is an opportunity to heal, learn and transform through juicing and fasting. My mission is to help you cleanse your body at the cellular level, utilizing colon hydrotherapy, massage, yoga, workshops, light exercise, hiking  and sauna sessions while soaking in naturally detoxifying mineral pools. Your detoxified body will do what it is designed to do best – HEAL ITSELF! I will help you on your journey to transform your body, mind, spirit and soul to achieve real, lasting results. I will guide you how to fundamentally shift your relationship to whole foods by teaching you how to adopt a more plant based way of life. My goal is to guide you throughout your journey to a more health conscious lifestyle after you leave THE SPRING. There is no better environment to begin your journey than at THE SPRING. Powerful, healing minerals are absorbed through the skin and will stimulate the healing process. I will assist you throughout your cleanse so you can achieve your goals in a unity of mind, body and spirit.

The Vida Cleanse is only comprehensive, detox juice cleanse retreat in the southern California desert where you can enjoy the powerful, healing benefits of natural, mineral springs during your fast.  Healing mineral spring water is an important element during your cleanse retreat.

THE SPRING spa retreat is 15 minutes from Palm Springs, in the southern California desert.  The international Palm Springs airport is a short 15 minute drive

At the Vida Cleanse, you will have the tools to heal and live in unity of…


Ask the body what it needs and what it needs to release. Learn about the digestive system and the process of elimination Learn food combination and digestive charts Explore your eating habits Understand the importance of WATER!


How the body works – learn to BREATHE! Discover healthy skin care Hydration, Elimination, Detoxification Massage, reflexology, lymphatic system, colonics, sauna Transformational breathwork, healing energy Relaxation, yoga, Low impact Hiking And the fountain of Youth… WATER!


Your spiritual journey to healing Learn living in the moment Self discipline, willpower, goals, accomplishments Explore meditation, balance Learn to nurture yourself