colon_cleanse_6271684_sMost of us try to at least make time once a year for a good spring cleaning of our home. We pick up here and there in between but nothing major. Some of us even clean out the house twice a year, when fall arrives. but how many of us can say that about our own bodies? How often do you clean in every internal nook and cranny? Should you do it? When Why?

Cleansing is a great way to achieve many things. For one, it can help relieve stress in our body, mind, and spirit. It also helps to balance us and free us from addictions. it is a great way to heal from congestion, constipation, allergies, and most other diseases. I can also increase our consciousness and spirituality. Cleansing removes excess amounts of mucus, old fecal matter, trapped cellular and non-food waste. Periodic cleansing helps purify the liver, kidneys, and blood. It enhances mental clarity, inner peace, and increases energy.

Modern society, with all of its advances, has a lot of drawbacks. The price we pay for faster and cheaper manifest itself in the forms of stress, toxins, chemicals, air pollutants, and radiation. It can also be found in our food in the form of over processed an demineralized materials, herbicides, pesticides, food colorings, and preservatives. It is easy to undermine these toxins when we are healthy. A strong and clean body can rid itself of most toxic waste. But without proper cleansing, this waste can and will build up. A buildup of toxins is like a wall coating our intestinal tract. it does not allow good absorption of vitamins and nutrients. This makes our bodies susceptible to diseases and ailments. Without help, chronic illness and death will occur.


So the question becomes not if I should cleanse, but when and how?

Let’s examine some common symptoms of toxicity in our body:

• Constipation & Acne
• Depression & SKin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis)
• Fatigue & Joint Stiffness/Aches and Pains
• Frequent Colds & Sinus Congestion
• Halitosis (Bad Breath) & Menstrual Problems
• Indigestion & Allergies
• Obesity & All of the & itis & (arthritis, colitis, bronchitis)
• Headaches

The optimal time to Cleanse is on quarterly basis. But being honest and looking at the real world, it should at least be once a year, like our house. You can Decide to cleanse by only doing juices or only raw foods. You can cleanse for a few days, weeks, or a few times a month. It is a good practice and should become part of our routine to keep our system vital.

How do I cleanse?

1. Stop the poisoning! Eliminate acidic foods, liquids, negative mindsets, and stressful habits.

2. Consume a diet of fresh squeezed alkalizing juices, lots of greens, organic raw vegetables and fruits.

3. Dry skin brushing, hydrotherapy, dry or stream saunas.

4. Exercise regularly until you break a sweat – walking, running, yoga, dance…

5. Take nutritional or medicinal supplements.

6. Organ purification- Kriya yoga, colonics, enemas, and lymphatic drainage massage.

7. Modified diets and periodic water or juice fasting.

8. Breathe deeply – Pranayama exercises, aromatherapy, and communion with nature.

9. Meditation – let go of the past and the future, practice being grateful in the moment!

images-12Body cleansing is an extremely important part of every prevention and curing program. Body cleansing is even important for children. Our internal organs can hold a lot of toxins, and sometimes it is impossible to get those toxins out without doing cleansing. Our liver can contain hundreds of intrahepatic stones. Those stones will block bile flow, and affenct the basis of your health – your digestion. Another problem is parasites. You must learn as much as possible about parasites. And also, don’t forget dental toxins.

You are supposed to do cleansing in this order:

1. Bowel cleanse with yeast and parasite cleanse
2. Dental cleanup ( if you can afford it)
3. Kidney Cleanse
4. Liver cleanse

Sweating is a powerful way to cleanse your body from accumulated toxins. It is known that some modern industrial toxins and pesticides can leave your body only through sweat glands.

• Exercise with lots of clothes
• Sauna
• Drink warm tea in a hot room…
• Eat cayenne pepper